Dr. Shane’s Simple Steps


Popular sleep habits are useful, but are often not enough to get the deep, restful sleep you need. Below are a few simple steps taken from the Sleep Easily method I developed—to use when you’re ready to fall asleep.

You don’t have to initially quiet your mind. Instead, use these simple steps and your mind will become quiet by itself.

A Sleep Trigger

Your tongue is a switch in your nervous system. Allow your tongue to be a little more relaxed and calmer, and that will begin to calm your nervous system. Your tongue can anywhere in your mouth, even lightly touching the roof of your mouth, just not pressing. (Allowing your tongue to become calmer is easier than overall body relaxation.)


As you exhale, you are letting go of air, so your exhalation is a feeling of letting go. Gently feeling your exhalation carries you into a feeling of letting go of stress and tension.

Calm Your Heart

As you exhale, your chest falls a little inward, toward deep in your chest, your heart area. As you gently feel your exhalation, that inward feeling in your breath soothes your heart. As your heart becomes calmer, that helps calm your mind, emotions, and body toward sleep.

Breath Quieter

Allow your breath to become a little quieter. That calms your mind, emotions, and body. (Allowing your breath to become quieter is easier than deep or abdominal breathing.)


The calm feeling in your breath and heart becomes like a soft pillow inside you. Enjoy that comfort and rest in it. The comfort spreads to other body areas. Your mind and emotions become calmer, easing towards sleep.

The intention of these few simple steps is not to completely resolve your sleep difficulties, but for your sleep to become a little easier.

The above steps are just a small part of the Sleep Easily method. If you find these steps helpful, even in a small way, the complete Sleep Easily method is a comprehensive solution to your sleep difficulties.

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