Transforming Law Enforcement Through Better Sleep

Getting good sleep is good for you and the communities you serve. Police officers who sleep poorly are more at risk to make errors, safety violations and experience higher levels of irritability, impatience and anger. We understand the importance of sleep and are here to support Law Enforcement personnel in the quality of life you deserve as well as increase productivity, performance, wellness, and safety for you and others.

Sleep Training Video for Law Enforcement Personnel

Watch this 35-minute in-service presented to the Boulder, Colorado Police Department. In this training learn simple steps that will help you fall asleep and back to sleep more quickly and easily, even in the midst of stress. Also, learn about the damaging effects of poor sleep for law enforcement professionals and the many benefits of good sleep.

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Dr Shane

Richard Shane, PhD is a Behavioral Sleep Therapist and creator of the Sleep Easy Method, based on his clinically-proven methodology of Neurosomatic Therapy for SleepTM. Dr Shane works with several large medical groups serving over 300,000 patients and has worked with large-scale organizations including the U.S. Military, oil & gas industry, commercial airlines, municipalities and police & fire departments and many more.

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The Sleep Easy Police SleepGuide

Enjoy this free SleepGuide created by Dr. Richard Shane and his colleagues which contains the following:

A clinical study was conducted on the Sleep Easy program tested by police departments, fire departments, United Airlines pilots, and the general public. In the study published in the Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy, 81.6% of participants reported improved sleep and the vast majority reported their sleep began to improve the first night or within the few nights.

In 23 years of law enforcement, I can't remember when I have slept well again, even after having used other sleep methods.

Jamie Kootswatewa, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, District III-OJS, Keams Canyon, AZ

Sleep Easy helped me to both fall asleep, stay asleep and reach a deeper level of sleep. I feel more alert yet more relaxed and peaceful. I have less stress, more energy and am more productive. It is a remarkable tool.

Jill Olmstead, Police Chaplain, MN

"Good sleep is probably the single most important thing you can do to improve your job performance and increase your own quality of life." - Dr Richard Shane

The study, "Sleep Disorders, Health, and safety in Police Officers" published by Harvard Medical School, found that among officers experiencing difficulty sleeping:

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